15 mln free tickets to Harran

Techland, the developer and publisher of the Dying Light game franchise, announced today that over 15 million players claimed the Dying Light Enhanced Edition on the Epic Games Store.

“Free ticket to Harran” exceeded expectations
Dying Light Enhanced Edition was offered for free as a part of a time limited event “Free Ticket to Harran” during April 6-13, on the Epic Games Store.

Chief Publishing Officer, Oleg Klapovskiy commented on the milestone –

“We are grateful that so many fans and players have such an interest in the Dying Light franchise. During that week we’ve managed to get to a record number of 760k+ concurrent players. This result exceeded our expectations and is a testimony of the enduring popularity of the world of Dying Light.

We were always close to the community and now we continue to do the same with Dying Light 2 Stay Human – last week we released a major “Gut Feeling Update” changing game and combat experience, together with bringing weapon crafting features. We are only in the beginning – we have a lot of new content planned for this and following years. Providing gamers with more ways to experience the game is our top priority right now to prove that the Dying Light series is an ultimate zombie game”.

Dying Light is an open-world first person survival horror game that was originally released in 2015. The Enhanced Edition features improved graphics, new gameplay mechanics and additional DLCs. The game has since become a fan-favorite and received critical acclaim for its immersive gameplay, unique day and night mechanics which provided a completely new zombie genre experience.

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