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Dying Light 5th Anniversary

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Dying Light 5th Anniversary

Week #4


Time to get your hands dirty! You have superhuman strength now, so your punches and kicks will send your enemies flying like rag dolls. Decimate zombies with your bare fists to help the community reach the goal, and enjoy the mighty Spectral Baseball Bat as a reward.

  • Global goal: kill 15 000 000 zombies with bare fists.
  • Reward: Spectral Baseball Bat.

Gazi Needs More Halva

Mama wants more halva. You can go get more and bring it to Mama or you can waste the rest of the day arguing with Gazi. Everybody knows Gazi always wins in the end. Here we go again with hunting Biters, Virals, Goons, and Demolishers for sweets.

  • Local goal: deliver 100 halva to Gazi's Mama.
  • Reward: World's Best Crane outfit.

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