Patch 1.49 is Live!

PlayStation players! Please note that the latest 1.49 update for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 appears listed as follows for select regions:

DL EU 1.40
DL NA 1.43
DL SA 1.41
DL EU2 1.40
DL JP 1.34
DLEE EU 1.34
DLEE NA 1.36
DLEE SA 1.34
DLEE JP 1.29

Below please check the full list of improvements and fixes.


  • [Level] 
      • [Lobby] The Story Mode (Blue) portal is now closer to the center of the Lobby (opposite of Raid Mode (Red) portal)
      • ✨ [Armory] The entirely reworked Armory now includes all Hellraid Weapons and Items
      • ✨ [Armory] Added Inspect Weapon on item showcases, which displays the weapon’s story of origin
      • ✨ [Tower] New environmental hazards can be found on all floors of the Tower (Spikes, Explosive Barrels)
      • [Tower] Added visual indication that Shrine requires sacrifice to unlock (killing all enemies in the area)
  • [Parameter Reworking / Balancing / Difficulty Tweaks] 
      • Damage factor multipliers for Hellraid enemies reworked for all difficulties
        • [Easy] Enemy Damage factor multiplier decreased by ~15-20%
        • [Normal] Player Damage factor multiplier increased by ~30%
        • [Normal] Enemy Damage factor multiplier decreased by ~30%
        • [Hard] Player Damage factor multiplier removed
        • [Hard] Enemy Damage factor multiplier decreased by ~50%
        • [Nightmare] Player Damage factor multiplier removed
        • [Nightmare] Enemy Damage factor multiplier decreased by ~50%
      • Reduced number of Recruits spawned in Combat Arenas on the first and second floors of the Tower
      • Tweaked dynamic spawning of stronger enemies in Hellraid Ranks 5-10
  • [Economy]
      • ✨Reduced prices of Hellraid weapons in the Hellraid shop by 50%
      • Added Weapon Remnants at 7.5% cost of the original weapon’s price
  • [Weapons, Rewards, Items] 
      • [Hellraid Shop in Slums Tower] 
        • ✨ Hellraid Shop will now include Wands (Fire Wand, Dark Wand) and Shock Bearer (Shield) for purchase
        • ✨ Hellraid Shop will now include Weapon Remnants (Craft Item) required to craft Hellraid Weapons
        • ✨ Hellraid Shop will now include Deathbringer Blueprint for purchase [if player completes Loaded for the Undead (Bounty) (available at Hellraid Rank 10)]
      • [Blueprints]
        • ✨Thirteen (13) new unlockable blueprints available through Trials (Bounties Table) in Hellraid
      • [Consumables]
        • ✨Five (5) new consumable items (Tower Crystals) available on Raid Mode Tower with various buffs 
          • Red Crystal — Buff: Double Damage; Debuff: Low Stamina Regen
          • Blue Crystal — Buff: Fast Movement; Debuff: Half Damage
          • Green Crystal — Buff: High Health Regen; Debuff: Low Stamina Regen
          • Yellow Crystal — Buff: 100% Crit, Stamina Usage Reduction; Debuff: -15% Movement
          • White Crystal — Buff: Double Damage; Damage Reduction, Stamina Usage Reduction; Debuff: 0% Health Regen
        • New Consumable Item Animations for Crystals
        • New Icons for Crystal Items and Crystal Buffs
  • [Tutorial Screens]
      • New Tutorial Screen for Story Mode
      • New Tutorial Screen for Raid Mode
      • New Tutorial Screen on first interaction with Shrines
      • New Tutorial Screen for Crystals
      • Updated Tutorial Screens for the Armory
  • [Bugfixing & Miscellaneous]
    • Fixed multiple Z-fightning issues on the map
    • Fixed objects clipping issues, lightning artefacts, floating objects etc.
    • Fixed Lord Asmorod’s audio and animation cutting off too soon
    • Fixed rare blockers in Story and Raid Mode
    • Fixed instances where players could parkour around blocked areas in the Mysterious Portals quest
    • Fixed minor issues with the minimap
    • Fixed cases where some enemies were missing in Raid Mode
    • Players now need to pick up Bow Arrows from the ground (no longer having the ability to perform an automatic pick up)
    • Other minor bug fixes for Single Player and Co-Op

Support for DL, Live Events / DLC

  • [New Event Content]
      • ✨New ULTIMATE EPIC WEAPON from Tolga and Fatin
      • ✨New Easter Egg Weapon with unique weapon type
      • New weapon meshes and sounds
      • New Graffiti
  • [New DLC Content]
      • ✨New type of weapon: Chainsaw
      • ✨New feature: Perk for Buggy with 50% slower fuel loss
      • New weapon meshes, animations and sounds
      • New outfit
  • [DLC Maps] 
      • [General] Quest will now deselect after leaving Bozak Horde / Hellraid (players will not respawn in these modes after relaunch)
      • ✨ [Bozak Horde] Implemented Inventory Management system
        • ✨Now all weapons stored in the Stash when players enter the Bozak Horde will be returned to Player Inventory
    • [Quests]
      • ✨[The Pit] Rebalanced fight with Demolisher in the Pit
      • [The Pit] Improved stats for the Machete found in the Pit
  • [Bugfixing & Miscellaneous]

    • [Menu] Removed “What’s New” Section
    • ✨[Balancing] Reduced Snowstorm’s Ammo craft requirements
    • Added new dockets
    • Minor bug fixes for Single Player and Co-Op

Next Gen consoles

  • [Optimization] 
    • Added High Performance mode that offers 60 FPS in 936p (1664×936) for Xbox Series S