Hotfix for update 1.16


Today, we are releasing a hotfix 1.16.1 that should address a number of issues on all platforms.

Here are some of them:
- Fixed the missing objective at the start of the X13 quest
- Fixed missing cordyceps spawn points at Roof Groves
- Fixed the vendor item duplication glitch when using the “Buy Max”option
- Reward for completing the game on Nightmare difficulty is no longer tied to a single save file
- Added missing pop-up after completing Daily or Weekly Bounties
- Removed the redundant “Continue” text display on the event participation screen in the main menu
- Improved formatting for the Message of the Day found on the event participation screen
- Scaled the Message of the Day icons in the main menu to match the screen on the Steam Deck
- Fixed the issue with the Demolisher disappearing during Survivor Missions
- Fixed the Teleport Player sensor prefab in Dev Tools
- Fixed the issue with Nightmare difficulty appearing as Easy difficulty

Make sure you update to the latest version of the game.