Good Night Good Luck Update (1.11)

[2023-06-30]  Hotfix 1.11.2

• Fixed crashes related to inventory/stash and transmog.
• Fixed crashes that could happen during map load.
• Temporary solution for most of the missing items - players can now find them in their stash.
Please note: With this hotfix, Players can claim most of the missing items in their stash, but blueprints for them are not yet usable. We are aware that some items might still be missing. The issue is under investigation with the intention to be fully resolved within the next week.
All the fixes above will be delivered to the console Players within the next week.

Good Night – Night changes
The day and night cycle has always been a fundamental element in the Dying Light series, introducing both visual and, more importantly, gameplay changes to our zombie-infested world. In this update, we aimed to enhance the nighttime aspect of this unique feature by introducing heightened tension, horror, and the presence of roaming Volatiles. To achieve this, we are implementing a series of modifications,
• Ensuring that the night has a heavy, almost horror-like feel.
• A new color grading called “Darker Nights” reduces player visibility exponentially, making your experience more terrifying.
• Updated flashlight rendering that creates more dynamic shadows and better corresponds to the darker environment.
• Improved audio gameplay solidifies the nocturnal atmosphere. Music takes a backseat to sound effects.
• HUD improvements support an immersive nighttime experience.
• Volatiles roam across the rooftops, ensuring you will never feel safe at night.
• The night population of zombies have been reworked to create more unexpected moments while exploring both streets and building interiors
• Chase sequences are less arcade-like and more unpredictable.

Good Luck – Parkour changes
With the initial release of Dying Light 2, we managed to make the complex mechanics of parkour accessible to all players. However, we cannot ignore the voices of real traceurs like you, who desire fewer assists, more physicality, better control, and less hand-holding. In response, we have introduced a new set of parkour settings called 'Physical' specifically designed to cater to seasoned veterans of Dying Light 1 and new Pilgrims who want to experience the real deal when traversing The City.
• Several animations have been improved to reduce floatiness.
• Personalize your sprinting experience with the option to switch between auto and manual mode, giving you complete control over how you sprint in the game.
• Keep your momentum while performing a series of parkour moves.
• Regain air control in mid-flight, allowing for reactive maneuvers.
• Added variety of vault animations.
• Tweaked afterboost mechanics now allow for its use after a number of parkour moves, with improved responsiveness and a balanced duration and cooldown.
• Accelerate down ziplines and during pipe slides for a thrilling descent.
• Bid farewell to ghost walking; wall run and roll animations halt when reaching the end of a surface.
• Enjoy smoother wall running with improved starting animations.
• Improved jumping, active landing, and balancing animations.
• Elevator and landing bags animations are sped-up.
• The active landing skill can be performed while paragliding – safety landings!
• Head-bob animation is adjustable in the settings, allowing players to increase camera movement while running. A new default value is set to 50.
• Car safety landing animation duration shortened, and VFX feedback improved.
• We’ve refined gameplay mechanics for the following skills, enhancing their overall feeling: Slide Jump, Bash, Crown Runner, Sleek Runner.

On top of those changes, we are introducing improved parkour actions and animations, and two main options that you can pick. To change between those, head to the Game sub-menu in Options.
• Assisted Parkour: Perfect for beginners, maintaining the original Dying Light 2 experience.
• Physical Parkour: Enable this setting for a grounded, physical, and intense journey. A more grounded and ruthless experience. The ability to disable "jump magnets" for more authentic gameplay.

As a cherry-on-top, we're introducing the ability to slide down billboards with a knife, giving you more immersive gameplay. in-game integration
Parkour across a multiverse of possibilities with a new section in the main menu – Community Maps! PC players can delve into a treasure trove of custom maps crafted by fellow Pilgrims using our Developer Tools. This is just the first step, and we plan to further develop this feature in the future. Expand your horizons within the vast world of Dying Light!

Before diving into the immersive world of Community Maps, please keep the following in mind:
• Each map is a standalone experience, separate from the main campaign and its progression.
• Custom maps must be completed in a single playthrough, as progress cannot be saved.
• Presently, co-op integration is not available for Community Maps.
• Currently, "script" mods that modify gameplay are not supported.

For the time being, Community Maps feature is available only on PC. integration for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steamdeck is set to arrive on these platforms later this year!

In addition to the aforementioned changes, we are thrilled to introduce several significant features:

Enhanced Graphics:
Experience a series of graphical improvements, including a new graphics option on PC: SSR Ultra (Screen Space Reflections – Ultra setting).
SSR Ultra dramatically enhances the drawing distance of reflections, immersing you in a more realistic and detailed world.
LOD range multiplier being extended from 100 to 140 for Quality and RT presets.

• Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of Kyle Crane's era with a new color grading option called "Harran Sunset".
• Unleash your inner yeet-master with the ability to throw weapons and retrieve them later.
• Enjoy improved UI changes at the beginning and end of the Dynamic Challenges.
• An additional menu option to auto-skip opening movies on PC, saving you time and getting you into the action faster.
• Preserve your unique character aesthetic by hiding your helmet using the new transmog options, allowing you to flaunt your signature Dying Drip.

Game Update
Apart from all the big news from the Good Night Good Luck update above, we’ve also introduced the following fixes and improvements to the game:

• Rewards for Dynamic Challenges should be received properly.
• The game will no longer crash for users upon entering the inventory while going to sleep after being teleported.

Weapons that were claimable in the stash are now blueprints available to be crafted at Craftmaster.

• Fixed ability to grab the ledge of some objects.
• Fire from burning bodies render correctly from a further distance.
• During the Getting Stronger quest, Virals will no longer spawn directly in Aiden's position during the chase sequence, blocking further progress.
• The user is no longer able to use the "Afterboost" parkour skill without being active.
• Anna's sentences during the Stolen Goods quest are louder.
• The sound effect played when Aiden is punching while jumping is fixed.
• Fixed an issue where the player could remain stuck inside the metro station during the Prometheus main quest.
• Chase can be no longer be triggered during the Prometheus quest.
• Waltz behavior improved during the chase sequence in the Veronica quest.
• Volatile health bars should be visible again upon enabling that feature in the settings.
• Removed improperly placed parkour and environment objects in the world.
• Lieutenants in the Heron Renegados bandit camp will spawn correctly.
• Dismembered body parts will no longer instantly disappear.
• Renegade zones have their own characteristic sound of night coming.
• 1H-weapon attack animations are faster than before.

• Corrupted particles in the distance were fixed during the Catch Hubert objective.
• Fixed missing materials in various locations.
• Removed invisible walls that occurred in various locations.
• Motion Blur settings in the game should stick to the set values.
• Synchronization of some voice over lines with subtitles.
• The game will no longer receive both inputs from mouse and keyboard while having two options selected.
• Fixed an issue with textures that allowed players to go outside the map.
• Spike pathing is fixed during the prologue.
• The music does not stop in some regions of the map.
• Fixed water shaders when swimming underwater.
• Fixed crashes that might occur when entering water.
• Fixed the position of NPCs during some dialogues.
• Dockets will correctly appear in Aiden's Stash.

• Player will no longer be stuck in an empty screen upon closing the pop-up about too many save slots being occupied while starting a New Game.
• The Military Bundles description balloon is fixed and no longer contains Gunslinger Bundle content text in the In-game Store tab.
• News is no longer duplicated in the main menu.
• The chase indicator no longer overlaps with XP gained icons.
• Gunslinger Bundle is present in the in-game shop.
• A typo was present in the "new arena unlocked" message in the Bloody Ties DLC – it's gone now, forever.
• Left Stick Forward UI prompt was misplaced during prologue tutorials.
• Main menu options were not highlighted correctly when the cursor was hovering over them.
• Removed an improper shadow in the co-op menu.

- Fixed an issue with NG+ and NG++ options not showing up after completing the story.

Update 1.11