Skullface and Astrid Cosplay

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a post-apocalyptic world full of iconic and colorful characters.
It’s home to a diverse cast of Infected, mad doctors, elusive Survivors, authoritarian Peacekeepers, ravaging Renegades, and wandering but brave Pilgrims. With the release of the latest story DLC, Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties, players got to discover even more characters in a new location.
Carnage Hall is the epicenter of splendor, fame, fortune, but also death, barbarity and bloodshed. It is the one place where the greatest fighters come to seek glory. This guide aims to show what it takes to become the two fan favorites of the wretched arena.



Skullface is the undefeated champion with a knack for brutality and vengeance. He is also known as the main antagonist of the first story DLC. What makes his look so unique is that it combines the classic wrestler style with one of the gladiators in Ancient Rome.


Starting with (1) the Head. The character dons an iconic Volatile skull as a mask. It’s merged with what appears to be the crown of rusted sheet metal at the top and leather straps in the back. Underneath the headpiece, Skullface wears a grey-blue headscarf. 


(2) The Upper Body sports a golden chest protector with spikes, a red muscle shirt, Carnage Hall’s Champion Belt, and a hanging red fabric with tassets.


When it comes to (3) Arms, he’s got gold chains, fingerless leather bands, black gloves, black bandages, and the Carnage Manica on the left hand. 


For (4) Legs, things don’t get much complicated. All you need are padded leather pants and mid-calf lace-up boots.



Do not undermine the mistress of Carnage Hall. She runs the place, so getting in her way would be quite unwise. Remember, carry yourself with confidence and reassurance when paying tribute.


(1) The Head is made up of simple yet tricky elements. She’s got an afro-textured hairdo with tight braids on the left side of the head. Her right earring is a rather typical golden round rectangle. The left one is that of a broken key.



(2) The Upper Body is where things start to get a bit more complicated. There are the leopard-print leather jacket, waist belt, and black tank top. But the outfit wouldn’t be complete without specific accessories that give it the extra rebellious spirit, such as the loosened white necktie, silver studs, safety pins, piercings, metal seams, and a chain.


As for (3) the Lower Body, Astrid has worn-out lace-up leather trousers, black leather boots with red laces and a buckle shoe strap on the right foot. Last but not least, (4) the Arms. The left arm has a bracer with buckles, while the right hand has a fingerless sports glove and a sleeve coming in from the leather jacket mentioned before (2).


And just like that, you have been granted access to a simple and easy guide for the two most popular characters of Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties. Do not let this knowledge go to waste.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties DLC

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