Ronin Pack – FREE Dying Light 2 DLC! 1st Part available now!

Roam The City as a masterless samurai with the Ronin pack, coming in three parts to download as free DLCs.

To unlock the Ronin Pack, please visit platform store’s product pages, claim the DLC and collect the full set to represent factions with style.

Remember to visit TechlandGG website for more details and links to stores.

Stay tuned for more! The second part of the Ronin Pack will be available soon on February 23rd.

The first part (available now) contains:

  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Jacket—Designed to help you keep low.
  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Breeches—Meticulously crafted to let you move without restriction.
  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Trainers—Tread lightly with these comfortable sneakers.

The second part contains:
– Survivor’s Handcrafted Mitts—Deliver strikes with insane precision with these form-fitting mitts.
– Survivor’s Handcrafted Mask—Mask yourself and become one with the shadows.
– Survivor’s Handcrafted Guards—Defend yourself swiftly with these light guards.

The third part contains:
– The Wise Katana sword—”A powerful sword / To kill any enemy / Strike fast like lightning”

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