Ready for a haunted hunt? Halloween is back in Dying Light!

When the spookiest night of the year comes, the deadliest horrors dress up and flood the city’s streets, looking for candy blood. For this trick-or-treating, you’ll need a really large candy bag. And maybe some reliable weapons too.
Volatile (sugar) rush has made them much more sensitive to sounds during Halloween, so any noise you make will alarm and lure them to you. Use your Super Crane’s powers to wipe those carved smiles off their pumpkin faces, and don’t forget to collect their trick-or-treat potions. Warning: Use with caution! Their effects can be… surprising. The community will want to collect as many of these as possible, so help them, and you’ll definitely be rewarded. And don’t forget to get rid of the Goons, Virals, and Volatiles! They disguised themselves, but don’t be fooled.
They’re no trick-or-treaters. Finish the bounties, though, and you’ll see there’s something nice waiting for you in return.
Local goals:
Klll 10 Goons
  • —Reward: Random Golden Weapon
  • Kill 15 Volatiles
    —Reward: Van Crane Sword (Item)
  • Kill 30 Virals
    —Reward: Random Golden Weapon

Global goal:
Collect 1 million treat-or-treat potions
—Reward 3 King Mods

The Halloween event will launch on PC and consoles on October 28th (19:00 CEST) and will last until November 8th (19:00 CEST).

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