New Cinematic Trailer and New Pre-Order Bonus

We’re thrilled to invite you for a dramatic journey into the very heart of The City in our Dying Light 2 Stay Human CGI trailer presented at The Game Awards. You’ll get to experience a glimpse of the tough reality of the game’s world and the everyday life of the people living in it—their struggles against the Infected, complicated relations with others, and the hard choices they must face to survive. However, as you play for yourself on February 4th, some of these choices will be yours to make, giving you the power to steer the future of both humans and the world. So even when things seem hopeless, remember that at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how the events will unravel—the light hasn’t died as long as you are there.

To help you fight the odds in this cruel and unforgiving world, we’re giving you the pre-order exclusive Reach for the Sky skin pack, so you remember to always aim high. Designed in collaboration with the amazing Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson, whom you’ll meet as Lawan in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, it contains a skin for Lawan’s deadly crossbow, her outfit, backpack, and paraglider. Oh, and you can have matching styles, since the backpack and the paraglider skins are also usable by Aiden. Already bought your copy? Fear not! We’re adding the bonus to all pre-orders, including the past ones; and yes, that’s on top of the Reload skin pack.


So, remember to book your copy of Dying Light 2 Stay Human now to be sure you walk into The City all styled up with both pre-order exclusive skin packs !


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