The campaign for Dying Light: The Board Game is now live on Kickstarter!

Dying Light: The Board Game draws 1-4 players into the post-apocalyptic setting of Villedor, the last outpost of civilization on Earth, where they have to work together to survive wave after wave of the unrelenting, zombie-like Infected. The game aspires to provide the ultimate cooperative/solo survival experience with an original, adrenaline-fueled parkour and combat system, making full use of a sprawling city map with gorgeous 3D structures, interactive aids and hazards, and an impactful day and night cycle.

While maintaining an intuitive and easy to learn ruleset, the game offers a variety of playstyles and proposes a fresh approach to the survival genre. Spicing things up is a dynamic narrative that sees the players struggling to stay on the good side of the different factions running the city, forcing them to swiftly adapt to newly revealed threats and rapidly shifting alliances.

Don’t miss out! Become a backer within the first 48 hours and save 90 EUR by claiming an exclusive Kyle Crane Character Pack with its dedicated miniature, standee, character card, personalized weapon, and Stretch Goals box for free!

The streets of Villedor await your story. Make your mark or become another shadow to haunt its ruins!


Dying Light: The Board Game

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