Dying Light – Tolga and Fatin’s Event

The twins have a special task for you. Hunt down seven types of zombies to get their latest invention.

By chance, you’ve found yourself with quite an opportunity.  The eccentric engineer twins, Tolga and Fatin, have decided to get really inspired with their inventions. Whether you’re a high roller at the casino or a sharpshooter in the streets, the Pocket 7’s will give anyone, or anything, a run for their money. Will you roll the dice and see what effect you end up with?

To obtain such a finely crafted weapon, you’ll have to hunt down and kill seven different types of enemies: Goon, Demolisher, Viral, Biter, Toad, Gas Tank, and a Volatile. Oh, and look, lucky you! There’s a few extra perks with the job. Low gravity and Super Crane have been activated to help you make sure you really can get creative and deal with all the monsters. But your streak doesn’t end there—your ammo will be auto-restored in every Save Zone too. We wouldn’t want you to run out of that, now would we? Once you’ve completed your mission and obtained your Pocket 7’s, you’ll roll for one of seven different effects every time you reload: electric bullets, poison bullets, freeze bullets, explosive bullets, super zombie grenade bullets, ballet grenade bullets, and statis bullets.
There’s one thing that’s always constant though—you landing on your feet.

Local bounty: Kill 7 types of enemies (1xGoon, 1xDemolisher, 15x Viral, 20x Biter, 3x Toad, 5x Gas Tank, 1x Volatile)
Reward: The Pocket 7’s gun (blueprint)

Global bounty: Kill 10 million enemies
Reward: 3 King mods


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