Dying Light is AVAILABLE NOW on Nintendo Switch

We are pleased to announce that Dying Light Platinum Edition is now available for Nintendo Switch users. Roam Harran with unprecedented freedom and feel its unique atmosphere with the most content-packed edition of the zombie survival game.

Watch the Dying Light Platinum Edition Launch Trailer:

The game has landed on Switch with a range of brand new features prepared especially for that platform, such as HD rumble, touchscreen, gyro aiming, local & online cop-op, and motion controls. Dying Light Platinum Edition includes over a hundred hours of single-player gameplay, and there’s even more unforgettable content when you play and explore the world with friends. Join forces with other players and raise your chances of survival in the exciting co-op mode.

Buy the game at https://switch.dyinglightgame.com/pre-order/

Both retail and digital availability of the game may vary between countries. Please, check our WEBSITE to see if Dying Light Platinum Edition for Nintendo Switch is available in your region, and get ready to enjoy the ultimate open-world zombie game wherever you are.

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