Composer Talks Main Theme and Custom Instrument Made Exclusively for Game

Hear inspiration behind the Dying Light 2 soundtrack in detailed interview with Olivier Derivière

In the latest Dying 2 Know More episode, where renowned composer Olivier Derivière (Remember Me, Streets of Rage 4, Vampyr, A Plague Tale: Innocence) details a special custom-built instrument creating extraordinary in-game sounds and shares the inspiration behind Dying Light 2’s main theme, “Run, Jump, Fight”

Fashioned from an old bike wheel, a steel rod, several metal wires, and other refuse of the city, the Electric Psaltery evokes the scrappy ingenuity of Villedor’s survivors, as if pulled right from the game world itself. Designed by DIY instrumentalist and musician Nicolas Bras.

To truly bring the ambitious Dying Light 2 Stay Human soundtrack to life, Olivier Derivière and Techland collaborated with one of the world’s best orchestras, the London Contemporary Orchestra. Together in Abbey Road Studios, Olivier and the Orchestra recorded the entire soundtrack, creating a musical experience players won’t forget.

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