Parkour challenges coming to the City this week!

Did you pass the test? Perfect! This Thursday (17.03) new challenges will appear in the game, waiting for you to accomplish them! 

  1. Suspension of Disbelief – This challenge will test your wall-running skills in the heart of Central Loop!
  2. Grakour – This challenge in Old Villedor will check all your basic skills, make no mistake or kiss the gold medal goodbye!
  3. Stroll on the river – Ready to get wet?
  4. My Whole World is a Glider –  Fly Pilgrim… Fly high over the chemicals and try not to fall, not too hard at least!

Make sure you head to the Central Loop to test your agility in the Flying Scorpion challenge so that you can perfect your skills in time for the new parkour challenges dropping this Thursday, March 17th.

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