Anubis, Jackal of Death Bundle

This bundle is now available in the in-game store.

Show them scorn! With the Anubis, Jackal of Death Bundle it is your most sacred duty to mark your enemies with the touch of death and settle their fates for the rest of eternity. This embalmer is ready to cut the fiends open! This arsenal contains ancient weapons, the protective Black Scarab, a unique paraglider, and so much more!

Anubis — regal, solemn, timely and profound. Stand tall as the Egyptian god of the dead. With this ceremonious garb, you leave behind a fading footstep trail of darkness.
Talon of Horus + Blueprint — long ago, Horus’ talon was found after a great battle and merged with a hilt to forge a mystical khopesh. Once charged, it can release a lethal toxic attack!
Anubis’ Crossbow — deals increased damage to Infected. It also acts as a practical form of long-range punishment for those who wish to flee death itself.
The Black Scarab — acts as a defensive repellent and doubles as an offensive thanks to its toxic effects. Slip on the long-lost armor piece worn in battle by Egypt’s greatest rulers.
Khepri’s Paraglider — a gift from another god to you. May its enchanting glow at night further underscore the tale of the life and death cycle of the sun.
Vigilant Jackal Charm — a relic retrieved at an archeological site will finally find its way into the hands of its rightful owner. It can increase damage output based on current HP.
Sacred Strand — this spellbound rope was once used to erect statues and construct one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Use it as a grappling hook, and it won’t break on you.

Show them scorn! Judge your enemies as the Egyptian god of the dead and settle their fates for the rest of eternity.