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The First Story DLC for
Dying Light 2 Stay Human
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Who doesn't want their name chanted by hundreds of fans in perfect unison? Or feel loved and admired while obtaining unimaginable riches? But… what if, to have it all, one must first pay the highest of prices?

All those questions will come to clash in the first story DLC:

At last, you reach the epicenter of death, wealth, and splendor. Roam its grand halls, dominate the ranks, and step into an arena where the greatest warriors put on the most adrenaline-fueled, blood-soaked shows of all time. Enter the trials and compete for glory!

Set out for a new adventure, where Aiden enters a bloodsport tournament. Make tough choices as the plot for power and revenge reaches its tipping point. The fate of many is in your hands.

The titans of combat are the least of your worries. Keep watch of brand new mutated enemies like the Gorilla Demolisher, Cataclysm, Inferno, and other freaks of nature. Stay alive or become yet another cautionary tale.

Introducing the one and only! Tap into the power barricade that is the Carnage Manica and take hold of new weapons to make creative combat that much more creative.

The First Story DLC

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