Dying Light: Bad Blood

Terms of Service

Article 1 Purpose of the Regulations

The Regulations define the rules of functioning and using the Game Research Lab website, hereinafter referred to as the Website, as well as terms and conditions of providing services in electronic way by Techland Sp. z o.o. with its registered office at ul. Żółkiewskiego 3, 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator, within the framework of the Website.

Article 2 Definitions

Administrator, Service Provider - the entity managing the Website, owner of the Website, Techland Sp. z o.o. with its registered office at ul. Żółkiewskiego 3, 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski, registered by the District Court in Poznań, IX Commercial Division of the National Court Register with number KRS 0000136933.

  • Regulations - the present document specifying the rules of using the Website, forming one integral instrument together with the Privacy Policy. The Regulations enter into force at the moment they are published at the website.
  • Privacy Policy - the document describing use of personal data of the Users.
  • Website - online registration platform for the persons interested in participating in playtests, available at the address playtesty.techland.pl.
  • User - any person sending the application to the Website.
  • Sending the application - entering data necessary for provision of an online service, i.e. subscription to the Techland Playtest, into the IT system of the Administrator.
  • Personal data - data provided by the User while sending the application.

Article 3 Use of the Website

In order to use the Website, you need to accept the Regulations. Using the Website is free of charge. Any Internet user may use the Website.

Article 4 Liability of the Service Provider

The Service Provider uses all efforts in order to make the content of the Website complete and updated. The Service Provider is not liable for any consequences connected with the Users using information obtained, free of charge or for a fee, through the Website, in particular for any consequences of decisions made or actions taken on the basis of such information. The Service Provider is not liable for any losses on the side of the Users connected with using the Website, in particular for loss of data by the Users, delay in sending data caused by transmission failure, incorrect transmission, delay or other suspension of the Website operation. The Service Provider is not liable for any actions aimed at infringement of privacy settings or security measures.

Article 5 Administrator’s rights

The Administrator moderates the Website and all its functionalities. In particular, the Administrator is entitled to:

  • supervise and modify the Website with respect to its content and design, and regularly update the Website;
  • modify the Website (including functional changes, removing and adding functionalities).

The Administrator is the only party entitled to introduce modifications to the Website without prior notification of the Users.
The Administrator reserves the right to verify correctness of the personal data provided by the Users in their applications.

Article 6 Liability of the User

The User is obliged to notify the Administrator about any noticed irregularities at the Website, in particular about infringement of the Regulations by other Users. The User is obliged to refrain from any actions which may disrupt operation of the Website or affect its functionalities, in particular sending viruses, attempting to translate, change the structure, adjust or make any other changes at the Website, removing or overcoming technical securities applied at the Website.

Article 7 Adding content and copyrights

The Website contains content, logos and graphics protected by copyrights. It is forbidden to copy them and use them at any fields of use without written consent of the Service Provider. The Users of the Website may use the content available at the Website for private, non-commercial purposes only. Upon request, the Administrator may delete your User’s account.

Article 8 Final provisions

The Administrator reserves the right to amend the present Regulations through publishing the amended Regulations at the Website, without notifying the Users. The provisions of the Polish law are applicable in all cases not specified in the Regulations.

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