Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood

Free playtest (Steam PC)

12 go in. 1 comes out.

Up to 12 players enter a zombie-infested area and compete to become the sole survivor. Take part in fast-paced online matches that creatively blend PvP and PvE action with the core of Dying Light’s iconic gameplay.

  • Mix of PvP & PvEMix of PvP & PvE

    Kill the infected and destroy their hives to collect blood samples and level up. Prey on other players, steal their samples, and become the only survivor.

  • Versatile parkour movementVersatile parkour movement

    Whether you run for your life, chase another player or race to the chopper, it’s your parkour skills that give you an edge over your enemies.

  • Brutal melee combatBrutal melee combat

    Immerse yourself in the gory FPP combat known from Dying Light, now with greater tactical depth and tons of new weapons.

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