Undead or Alive Event

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Call of Juarez® Gunslinger with the Undead Or Alive Event.
Vengeance ought to cleanse this world. Our Wild West hunt begins with a bunch of Infected overrunning the town of Villedor. Find Mean-Ass Guns by looting Infected or postal vans, ambulances and military trucks. Aim for the heads of enemies, make use of some dynamite while you’re at it, and do right by Silas Greaves’ legacy when all is said and done.


Participation Goal:
Headshot 1 enemy using a Mean-Ass Gun
x12 Dynamite

Pilgrim Outpost Warm-Up Goal:
Headshot 80 enemies using a Mean-Ass Gun
x3 Dynamite + Ray McCall’s Charm

Personal Goal:
Headshot 420 enemies using a Mean-Ass Gun
Bowie Knife + Weapon Blueprint

Pilgrim Outpost Global Goal:
Headshot 20 000 000 enemies using a Mean-Ass Gun
x25 Pilgrim Token

Undead Or Alive event ends on June 7 at 4 PM CEST

*Participation and personal rewards will appear in your in-game stash once the goal is reached. For the Pilgrim Outpost Warm-Up Goal and the Pilgrim Outpost Global Goal, head over to the pilgrimoutpost.techlandgg.com/events. Learn more by signing in to your account and claiming rewards once you complete the goals.


Undead or Alive Event

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