The Year of the Dragon

From now until February 19, each 24-hour period from 12PM CET will bring new blessings to Villedor. Log in each day to see just how the world has been altered! Plus, we’ve got some great rewards for you to earn!

During our celebrations, you’ll be rewarded for saving Survivors and PKs in trouble throughout The City. For saving these citizens, you’ll be gifted Red Envelopes which may contain anything from Old World Money to mutation samples.

Additionally, for completing each of the goals, you’ll be rewarded with great and valuable items from the Dragon Warrior Bundle, so you’ll be able to earn the entire bundle for free before it even arrives in the Store later this month! So what do you need to do? Let’s take a look:

3 Red Envelopes
Shock your foes with this weapon’s effect or deal more damage by throwing it at them .

Tigerwing Paraglider + Chi-Tu Charm
Affix this to your weapon and take advantage of the decreased stamina usage when fightin

Additionally, you’ll be able to claim the Azure-edged Dragon Mask through Pilgrim Outpost for free during our Year of the Dragon celebrations, so don’t miss out!

The Year of the Dragon

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