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Welcome to the Pilgrim Outpost!
The remaining human settlements are hundreds of kilometers apart. To travel between them, Pilgrims have created a network of hideouts where they can rest, refill on supplies, refine weaponry, and prepare for the next day. One of those Outposts is near Villedor — visit it at www.pilgrimoutpost.com.

Create an account, connect it to the gaming platform of your choice, and take on weekly bounties!

An All-New Service: Pilgrim Outpost — introducing the next dedicated online service for all fans, now a part of TechlandGG. It’s a place where you can experience the Dying Light world in a completely new way.
Spike Returns — the legendary Pilgrim is back to guide you through the murky waters you might encounter on the foray.
New Bounties — activate tasks in order to complete them in the game. Carry out all six of them in a week to receive additional rewards!
Rank System — Pilgrims have their very own reputation system. Complete bounties in order to receive Reputation Points and rank up to earn Pilgrim Tokens.
New Gear — Pilgrim Outpost has a special Armory where you can spend Pilgrim Tokens on new weapons, unique outfits, specialized tools and more.
Outpost Drop — one such item in the Armory can give you a chance to win exclusive weaponry, which are some of the rarest items any Pilgrim can have.

For new bounties, unique rewards, and more, visit pilgrimoutpost.com

Pilgrim Outpost

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