Community Ideas

Our community means a whole lot to us. We want you at the forefront of our decisions and to shape the future of the Dying Light franchise. 

This is why back in June, we launched the beta for the Community Ideas section on Pilgrim Outpost. Since then, we’ve received thousands of your suggestions letting us know what new features, mechanics, weapons, and more you want to see in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. 

Today, we are revealing the first wave of those ideas to kick off the community vote. And that’s only the beginning! We will be regularly updating the catalog with new entries. The ten highest-rated ideas at the end of each month will be sent to our developers for review. Anyone with a Pilgrim Outpost account can vote. We cannot wait to start implementing your suggestions. 

Vote for your ideas and submit your own here:

Be sure to also check out Community Maps. Every Wednesday, our developers spotlight one custom map that was created by you, the community. It’s the least we can do to honor our ambitious architects. So, if you wish to load up a community map in the game but you’re not sure which one, head back to Pilgrim Outpost for a developer recommendation.

Finally, we decided to create a new section on the website dedicated solely to you called Community. It will contain both of the already mentioned community pillars — Community Ideas and Community Maps. Our team will continue to expand it in the future. Your passion motivates us every day!

If you have any other bright community ideas, you know where to go. Pilgrim Outpost will always have its doors open.  


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