Chapter 2: Launch Event

Participate in the event to earn even more Tokens to begin your journey in Chapter 2.

Participation Goal: Inspect Hag Tracks
Reward: Hunter’s Token x1

Personal Goal: Inspect 25 Hag Tracks
Reward: Hunter’s Token x1

TechlandGG Global Goal: Inspect 3000000 Hag Tracks
Reward: Hunter’s Token x3

Each time community inspects 3000000 more Hag Tracks beyond Global Goal, you will receive an additional reward — up to 3 times. You will be able to claim additional rewards on TechlandGG after the event ends.

*You will find rewards for participation and personal goals in your in-game stash once the goal is reached. After completing the global goal, head to TechlandGG website and sign in to your account to claim the reward.

Event will be active till : September 20th – 16:00 CEST

Chapter 2 :: Launch Event

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