Participate in Long Night event!

The city dwellers have often spoken of a time when the day becomes shorter, the nighttime takes over, and a powerful thunder emerges to signal the arrival of total chaos. The Long Night is what they call it.
Heavy rains, untamed darkness and smells of dread in the air that imbues the Infected with a bestial lust for blood…That time has come!
Board up the doors or find yourself at the mercy of the mindless ones.
The risk of Infected encounters has increased, but a spark of hope emerges as the vicious creatures now also produce more mutation samples.
Not to mention everyone has the chance to win two Harper’s tokens by simply taking part in the event.

Take on special in-game events, complete limited-time objectives and win two Harper’s tokens by simply participating in the event.

Track them through TechlandGG to claim extra rewards.

Long Night Event

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