Egg-splosive Hunt

This is not your typical morning breakfast. Villedor is filled with Egg-splosives and it is up to you to find them in car trunks, buses, or when looting Infected. Use what you find to dish out a highly eruptive rain of fire on all enemies. If you’re lucky, you might even get your hands on the Golden Egg-splosives!

Participate in the event to complete the Chicken Bundle
Participation Goal:
Kill 1 enemy using Egg-splosive throwables
Harper’s Token

TGG Warm-Up Goal:
Kill 123 enemies using Egg-splosive throwables
Egg-ceptional Charm

Personal Goal:
Kill 400 enemies using Egg-splosive throwables
Rooster Suit + Chicken Wing

TGG Global Goal:
Kill 15 000 000 enemies using Egg-splosive throwables
Chicken Claw

Egg-splosive Hunt ends on March 28 at 4 PM CET
*Participation and personal rewards will appear in your in-game stash once the goal is reached. For the TGG Warm-Up Goal and the TGG Global Goal, head over to the Learn more by signing in to your account and claim rewards once you complete the goals.

Egg-splosive Hunt

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